Leslie Hwang

Multimedia Designer


Humber Chat

UX/UI Design

The goal of this project was to conduct an audit on a MyHumber app and propose a better solution that provides more value than the current one.

Design Sprint

Problem Statement

• Due to the influence of the Corona virus, classes were turned online. And many Humber students were having trouble communicating with professors or other students.


• Create an app to have one feature address and solve a student's pain point.

Ideation and Sketch

• Design the application easier to communicate directly with the Humber instructor and students through the MyHumber app without knowing their contact information.


Mock up

Sign in Page

Humber students can sign in with their student account. And their student information is automatically shared with this application.

Landing Page

Users can find their chat room on the landing page. There is my profile image and start a new chat icon on the top.

Search Page

Users can search existing chatroom or new users with this function.

Student Chatroom

Users can contact (chat/call) any Humber students without a direct number.

Class Chatroom

There is a class chatroom for every class. And base on student’s information, every student automatically invite to the class chatroom they take.

Humber Chatbot

There is a Humber official chatbot that helps students find any help they need from school.